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Loyalty Tracking System - Version History

The SwiftTec Loyalty Tracking System is designed for shops and clubs that wish to keep a database of their members and track the collections and redemption of loyalty points by club members. It produces membership cards with barcodes for use with a barcode scanner.
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The following is auto-generated during our software release process.

Version Description
2.2.6 Incorporate common updates included in recent ClubMembership development
2.2.5 Fixed issue in backoffice module when scanning member cards with tilde prefix in order to log visits, loyalty points or rewards
2.2.4 Incorporate common updates included in recent ClubMembership development
2.2.3 Fixed an issue with points ratios calculations in PointsLogger
2.2.2 Added new dbbackup and dbrestore command line programs for backing up and restoring the database
Added support for Contact Files optional extension to meet new customer needs
Updated magnetic stripe parsing to include new customer cards
Fixed problem in Contact code which caused id not to be generated
Update backoffice to allow for other address types plus the primary address
Fixed issue in swift library which prevents Card Designer from being opened correctly.
Added various online links to backoffice help
2.2.1 Updated to use the latest base libraries and common modules
Added code field to contact and member report lists
Fixed issue when save as generates illegal filename
Added integration with SwiftTec Message Server to allow messages to be sent to lists of contacts and members
Converted more reports to new HTML-based format
Some performance improvements for certain reports by caching certain key information
Added dbupgrade program
2.2.0 Import new code from CMS V2.2 to keep common codebase
Added new utility contact2member
2.1.19 Minor revision to fix problem in launching help files from dialog wizards
Added support for Jet databases
2.1.18 Added new customer-specific module
Updated on customer-specific module
2.1.17 Added initial support for SQLserver as a 3rd database.
Added an option to the PointsLogger to allow optional use of sales value again.
2.1.16 Added customer-specific module
2.1.15 Updates to AMregistration module to fix bugs and improve appearance
2.1.14 Added custom module - AM register and print
2.1.12 Added statements
Using new CxImage class for improved image rendering
2.1.11 Rebuild with new DB libs
Added new resources
2.1.10 Added support for ID entry option in points logger
Improved MemberImport performance a bit
2.1.9 Various bug fixes
More reports converted to HTML format
2.1.8 Fixed bugs relating to membership and flags
Added popup option to PointsViewer
2.1.7 Added new ordering for points report
Move location of points - sales ratios to new table
Fixed bug in loyalty points log view
2.1.6 Bug fix for report conflict with Crystal Reports
Added member import program
Added points viewer program
Included report viewer package
2.1.5 Fixed bug in reports
2.1.4 Rebuilt to include updates and fixes in underlying libraries.
Added new reseller and updated reseller licence code
Updated help
2.1.3 Integration with new common core
First non-beta v2.1 release
2.1.2 Integration of new licence code - DEVELOPMENT RELEASE ONLY
2.1.1 Lengthened special barcodes for scanners that do not like short codes
  • Changed to enable use of MySQL
  • Fixed memory leak in database support modules
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