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SwiftMBS is a suite of programs designed to combined the Club Membership, Loyalty Tracking and POS applications into a suite of integrated applications whilch will handle a membership database and to track member activity. It is suitable for use by shops and clubs of any size.

The SwiftTec Club Membership System is designed to meet the requirements of a club which needs to maintain a membership database and track member activity at the club facilities. It has a comprehensive set of features which can be enabled to meet the needs of clubs of all sizes. It is easy to setup and operate, making it an ideal choice for a small club running it on a single PC but is expandable via it's optional features and modules to meet the needs of the large clubs.


SwiftMBS comes with a large number of features as standard and a number of optional

  • Designed for use in organisations of all sizes
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interface
  • Creates customizable membership cards with photo and integrated barcodes
  • Customizable card backgrounds and logos (can be based on member type)
  • Comprehensive set of reports on membership, visits and other statistics
  • Each member record has:
    • Full contact details (name, address, phone, mobile, e-mail)
    • Emergency contact details (name, address, phone, mobile, e-mail)
    • Standard attributes (Banned, Suspended, Cancelled)
    • User definable attributes/flags
    • User definable member types (e.g. Standard, Staff, Junior, etc)
    • Free text field for notes (e.g. allergy information)
    • Photo (JPG, GIF and BMP supported).
  • Optional operator passwords for FrontGate module
  • Card Designer for modifying the design of membership and pass cards
  • FrontGate/Reception module - a Point of Sale application for handling
    • Barcoded goods
    • Membership purchase and renewals
    • Logging of member visits
    • Pass handling
    • Loyalty points
    • Non-barcode goods
    • Integrates with a receipt printer
    Enter and record financial transactions
    • new membership
    • membership renewal
    • club entry
    • barcoded goods
    • User-defined transactions
    • Accept transaction payments as cash, card or cheque
  • Create and sell passes for member entry to club
    • Passes can be time limited, use limited (count number of uses) or both
    • Passes can have optional value to offset against entry charges (when used with transactions)
  • Operators with usernames and passwords
    • Can be used to restrict access to all programs and modules
    • Can be used to restrict access to reports or just financial reports
  • Loyalty Points
    • Points can be added or redeemed via the FrontGate module
    • Can be automatically added according to spend
    • Can be assigned a redemption cash value as a discount against spend
  • Member visit logging module to track entry and exit from the club
  • Group Accounts for collecting individual members into an associated group, e.g. a family
  • Will integrate with a barcode scanner or magnetic card reader.
  • Will work in a network configuration with an large number of networked PCs
  • Requires Windows 7 or later
  • 32-bit software which is compatible with 64-bit versions of windows
  • Uses a Microsoft Access compatible database allowing the user to create custom reports and interfaces (Microsoft Access NOT required)
  • Optionally uses a MySQL database (V2.1 onwards) or SQL Server


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Download and purchase

You can download the software from our downloads page. You can then run the demo version or request a trial licence key to try the software. Club Membership licences can be purchased from the SwiftTec online shop.

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