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Message Server - Version History

Used to enable other SwiftTec products to send messages via supported transports such as e-mail and SMS (Text).
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The following version history is auto-generated during our software release process.

Version Description
1.1.13 Fix issue that did not recognise a@ccc.cc as a valid e-mail address
1.1.12 Improved logging in SMTP thread
1.1.11 Fixed issue with message targets not displaying correctly in the control centre
1.1.10 Added support for FareText SMS messaging
1.1.9 Added ability to hold messages before sending
Added control centre module to monitor messages
1.1.8 Fix of client connectivity issue
Added support for SMTP port and domain on HELO command
1.1.7 Added network lookup tool for diagnosing hostname related issues
1.1.6 Uses new Inter-Program discovery system
1.1.5 Added support for CardBoardFish for sending text messages
1.1.4 Added support for feature test (testing if messages can be delivered by certain transport types such as email or sms)
Fixed bug in SWLog class which could potentially cause crash on shutdown of service
1.1.3 Added support for HTML e-mail messages
1.1.2 Changed the way licencing works in the server
Changed setup licence installation to be standard
Added 64-bit support
Included advert server in package
1.1.1 Maintenance release using new libs
Fixed error in licence acquisition code
1.1.0 Changed to use the common code from the util library
Improved packaging
Fixed licencing bug in setup
1.0.0 Initial Version
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